Real Queens


Hand-dyed stripes with Seacolors yarns. 92″ x 96″ with stripes at both ends.

15 Colors

Product Description

This three stripe design replaces the Salt Bay Bed Throw in a generous size to fit any queen, bed that is. A reproduction of a blanket in the Maine State Museum collection originally woven in Wilton, Maine when our wool and textile industries defined local, rural economics, this one is soft and thick, with hand dyed stripes in many limited edition colors. At 92″ X 96″, it will tuck on any queen, and might even fit a King!

Hand-dyed stripes with Seacolors yarns at both ends.

Color Island Moss on White, Cove on White, Lichen on White, Mint Julep on White, Harvard Crimson on White, Sailor’s Delight on White, Juniper on White, Dancing Dolphins on Granite, Seafoam on Granite, Mint Julep on Granite, Bonfire on Granite, Phlox on Granite, Sailor’s Delight on Granite, Seafoam on Pumpernickel, Concord on Pumpernickel