Did you know:

In 1954, two unknowns named Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent (ages 21 and 18, respectively) both won accolades at the second ever International Wool Secretariat awards.

“The hair fiber is finer, longer, softer and stronger” on sheep in Australia’s hotter climate, compared to those in colder Scotland.

Then you will be interested in Chantal Fernandez’s article Four Years After Relaunching The Woolmark Prize, The Not-For-Profit Focuses on Activewear & Innovation

This is also where I learned of the CADET brand.  I really like their designs and I look forward to seeing more wool incorporation and women’s wear from them.

In my opinion, the best sentence of the article was: “Over the years, the sheep has developed these wool fibers to withstand the extreme temperatures of the Australian environment and the DNA structure is so complex that every single part of the DNA has a benefit that we transfer over to the garment wearer.”

It’s true!  So here it is, we give you it all.  We have withstood extreme weather, researched DNA, produced a traditional commodity with state of the art technology.  All this was done in order to give you, the wool garment wearer, a fine luxurious item that will stand the test of time.