What is SUPER FINE WOOL? by Get Wool

I found the blurb below on Get Wool’s website.  A hurdle is trying to convince people that they really are not allergic to wool.  So, here it is in another person’s words…

Sheep have been genetically modified for the purposes of Food, Clothing and Shelter since WAY before Jesus.  In the world of sheep, there are food breeds, and fiber breeds.

Food Breeds include those for Meat- having a larger carcass, and bigger cuts, and Dairy- smaller bones and often a “fat tail,” in fact there are more sheep milked around the globe than any other dairy animal since most of the world does not have the refrigeration or the distribution we have here in America, and get their dairy calcium from cheeses, kefir, etc.

Fiber Breeds are for Carpet– having longer, stronger, shinier wool like Romney, Cotswold, Lincoln, and intended to walk on for a hundred years, or Apparel– having very springy, soft and lightweight wool, intended to be worn next to the skin, Cashmere being the finest of the fiber classifications.  Wool is measured in microns; anything fewer than 30 microns does not itch, fewer than 19 is Cashmere classification.  Common myths include notions like “wool itches” and “wool allergy.”  These have to do with both breeding, and the chemicals used to wash, carbonize, or color most wool.

My rams test between 18 and 23 microns, and therefore CANNOT itch.  This is the nature and use of superfine, and as an aside, shears a fraction of the wool as a carpet or food breed, but costs the same per animal to produce which is why there is so little of it available, and why the myths continue.

P.S. I have also added a couple of her items in my products area.