Sheepherders of Northern Nevada

Sheep Field Meeting. Caption. Prof. J.F. Wilson of the University of California at Davis lecturing on the subject wool grading and market requirement. Dr. Wilson graded an entire bag fleece by fleece. The meeting was held May 11, 1950 at Smyth Valley, Lyon County, Nevada. All fleeces graded combing but three which graded clothing. The fleeces graded were from Corriedale X Merino yearling ewes.

Last weekend I saw a herd of sheep near the 53 mile marker on Hwy 395 in California.  I was happily surprised to see them, since I didn’t think there were sheep in the area.  I got to telling of my experience with someone who mentioned Basque sheepherders.  Then I one thing led to another on Facebook and I was once again on the topic of Basque sheepherders.  From there I discovered that Nevada University Press has a great collection of published books on the Basque.  I also discovered this great picture as part of an online exhibit all about Sheepherders of Northern Nevada:

Checkout University of Nevada Press collection of books published on Basque Studies: