Shearing: Keeping Sheep Healthy and Harvesting a High Performance Fiber

Wool – one of nature’s most versatile fibers. Through the process of shearing, wool is removed from the sheep. While we enjoy the many benefits of wool products, the first and foremost purpose of shearing is to ensure the good health of the sheep.

Colorado Woolgrowers Association’s executive director, Bonnie Brown, put together a 12-minute video describing the shearing process and the importance of performing this annual service to sheep. The attributes of wool and it uses are examined along with showcasing the environmental benefits of sheep grazing.

“With the continued efforts of animal activist groups to drive consumers and processors away from using wool, there was a need to explain why sheep are shorn,” said Brown. “The video is meant to provide the industry with an easily accessible, social media tool that provides accurate information about shearing.

“American sheep producers have a great story to tell, and this was an exciting way to use Colorado’s American Sheep Industry Association’s Wool Outreach funds,” concluded Brown.

The video is available on YouTube at or it can be ordered by going to

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