Wool Carpets and Clean Air by Wools of New Zealand

Wool Carpets and Textiles Improve Indoor Air Quality

New Zealand wool is a natural fibre that the ability to absorb indoor contaminants including formaldehyde, sulhur-di-oxide and nirogen-do-oxide, and lock them into it’s core without re-releasing them.

Wool improves indoor air and creates healthier working and living environments.

How Wool Works

The complex chemistry of wool fibre enables it to bind pollutant gasses chemically in it’s structure.
It has been estimated that wool carpets can continue purifying indoor air for up to 30 years.

New Zealand researches, using a controlled environment chamber, have demonstrated that wool carpet can reduce high levels of introduced formeldehyde to virtually zero within four hours.

Studies by the US Gas Research Institute, which compared 35 building and furnishing materials, also showed that wool carpets have one of the highest removal rates of nitrogen dioxide. In contrast, the removal rate of synthetic carpets was less than half that of wool.

Research by the Environmental and Medical Sciences Division of the UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment has shown that large amounts of sulphur-dioxide are also irreversibly absorbed by wool carpets.

Wool carpet was shown to retain the gases when heated, as would occur with under-floor central heating, while nylon carpet, which absorbed nitrogen dioxide to a considerably lesser extent, also re-emitted it more readily

Wool is a highly complex fibre that has been created by nature over thousands of years. It is simply not possible to get the benefits of wool from a fibre designed by man and made from crude oil.


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