Merino FX

Burlington just came out with a new collection called Merino FX. The collection is designed for the modern active lifestyle with an outdoorsy feel. The line consists of 100 % merino and merino-blend fabrics. I was super excited to read that they are marketing it as a seasonless fabric, which wool is! Below is a clip from the Burlington website.

Why wear merino wool 365 days a year?

Natural Fiber

Harvested from merino sheep, merino wool is a 100% biodegradable fiber that is sustainable and renewable with inherent UV protective properties.

Insulation Capabilities

Merino wool is a temperature regulating fiber that is naturally hydrophilic, giving it evaporative cooling properties. As an insulator, merino is all about giving you natural comfort while controlling the moisture your body releases, keeping you cool when you are warm and warm when you are cool.

Soft & Silky

As a fine fiber, merino is soft, giving you an unexpected comfort perfect for next-to-skin applications. Breathable with a naturally protective layer that prevents stains and static, many merino wools are easy to care for allowing for machine washability and tumble drying.

Odor & Flame Resistant

Merino has natural antibacterial properties and odor resistance due to a natural lanolin coating from sheep. Protecting you from more than just odor, it is also self-extinguishing. Merino is incapable of melting, meaning it will never stick to the skin like many synthetic fibers.

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